Ted Geoghegan- Hot Seat Interview- Director/Writer- Brooklyn 45

Ted Geoghegan‘s first three films have been so good, each one quite different, with his own voice, and one almost forgets he’s just getting started. His first film We Are Still Here was a massive haunted house horror hit. His second film Mohawk was an intense battle of survival between fur traders and Native Americans. His third film– Brooklyn 45 is undoubtedly his most personal. That might be why this is the Oregon native’s biggest risk yet, telling a story about friends gathering after WWII, and having them sit down for a seance. It’s creepy but it also has incredibly sharp dialogue, with two excellent performances from Larry Fessenden and Anne Ramsay. It’s the kind of film that only Ted Geoghegan could pull off. Brooklyn 45 has its Midwest premiere at the Chicago Film Critics Festival this weekend and I was able to talk with Ted at the world premiere at SXSW. We chat about dedicating Brooklyn 45 to his father, working with Fessenden at any time, and how his movies always relate to the present moment. Watch it here:

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