Diane Warren & Bess Kargman- Hot Seat Interview- Diane Warren: Relentless- Songwriter- Director

15 Oscar Nominations. Grammy Award winner. Honorary Oscar Award Winner. You would think that would be enough for Diane Warren but as the title of her documentary says, she is Relentless. The legendary songwriter of songs such as “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”, “How Do I Live”, and “If I Could Turn Back Time” isn’t about the fame or the glory but she’s about the pursuit of greatness. She has a never-ending drive. Director Bess Kargman understands a person like her, which is why her direction of Relentless is so strong, as she’s able to slowly chip away at the tough exterior of Warren, showing her difficult and talented sides, getting Warren to open up about her difficult childhood, her love life, and the ups and downs of her career. I had the unbelievable honor to speak with Diane and Bess at SXSW about the new documentary, which took them three years to make, the process of getting Diane to open up, the honor of being nominated for Oscars, and if winning matters. Watch it here:

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