Aristotle Athari & Michael Lukk Litwak- Hot Seat Interview- Actor- Director- Molli and Max in the Future

There is a great collection of actors that have had one season on Saturday Night Live. Robert Downey Jr., Sarah Silverman, and Billy Crystal are all good company to be included with. Aristotle Athari has a bit of time to prove himself but he’s off to a great start with his gentle and delightful performance in Molli and Max in the Future. The stand-up comedian has a kind and honest approach to his acting style, including great chemistry with co-star Zosia Mamet, and he left me thinking that SNL made a big mistake. The writer and director of Molli and Max in the Future is Michael Lukk Litwak, a bright young talent, making his first feature film, but a big growing name in Hollywood. His short films have earned various awards, he’s already sold feature scripts, and is instantly proving himself with his new sci-fi romance. I was able to sit down with the two of them at SXSW to discuss inspirations for romantic science fiction, acting against CGI screens, and making sure the chemistry jumps off the screen. Watch my delightful interview here:

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