Kate Dolan- Hot Seat Interview- Director- You Are Not My Mother- TIFF

Kate Dolan is not a director afraid to scare the audience. Her initial success arrived from her short film Catcalls, which involved a man choosing the wrong woman to make a disrespectful pass at, and the results were delightfully violent. Now Dolan is making her feature film debut at TIFF in You Are Not My Mother and the scares are turned up to a 10. This is also a more personal and emotional horror film, about a high school girl that is dealing with her mother’s mental health. Or is it something else taking over? A spirit? A demon? It all results in terrifying scares and it’s a big reason why You Are Not My Mother is a must-see at TIFF. Kate Dolan is a director with a fantastic voice in the horror genre. Watch my interview with Kate Here:

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