Riley Dandy & Adam David Thompson- Hot Seat Interview- Actors- Things Will Be Different

When a movie comprises two actors and the director, working with a small crew, on a science fiction film with great detail, you need the talent of constant professionals. It’s because of those reasons that director Michael Felker hit a home run with actors Riley Dandy and Adam David Thompson on his new film Things Will Be Different. The two are no strangers to genre films- Dandy made Christmas Bloody Christmas and Thompson was in Glass– but this film highlights how great these two can be. They play brother and sister, stuck in a farmhouse, waiting for a time portal to open up, going a little crazy, and hoping to change the past in the process. I was very lucky to sit down with Riley and Adam, talking about favorite movies growing up, working with Felker as a director, and the kind of things they would need to spend a year stuck in a house together. Watch it here on

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