Corey Fogelmanis & Tommy Dorfman- Hot Seat Interview- Actor- Director- I Wish You All the Best

Telling stories about non-binary and members of the LGBTQ+ community can always be difficult to get right. Not just because the subject is complex or because the world is filled with judgemental people, but because getting it right means everything to those who haven’t seen themselves represented on the big screen. I Wish You All the Best is going to be a big hit for both leading star Corey Fogelmanis & writer/director Tommy Dorfman. Fogelmanis had his first big break on Girl Meets World and the horror film Ma, but this is the one that makes him a star. Tommy Dorfman made her big splash on the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, but now she’s stepping behind the camera and is not afraid to tell a story as honestly as possible. I had the chance to speak with Corey and Tommy at SXSW. I was open with both of them on why this film resonated with me. We also discussed the importance of this story being told without letting characters off the hook and about Corey having the chance to take the spotlight. Watch it here:

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