Joe Lynch- Hot Seat Interview- Director- Suitable Flesh

Joe Lynch is such a cool dude. It also helps that his movies often kick a ton of ass. From his start with Wrong Turn 2, giving Salma Hayek a great action flick in Everly, or the wild office outbreak film Mayhem, Lynch has always known how to excite an audience. Now he’s taking the torch of the late great Stewart Gordon with his new film Suitable Flesh. It’s a body-swapping possession horror, starring Heather Graham and Barbara Crampton, mixed with an erotic flare, and plenty of bloodshed. It’s everything you want from a movie. I spoke with Joe at Fantastic Fest, where we discussed blending practical effects with CGI, showing off the excellence of Heather Graham, his friendship with Barbara Crampton, and bringing back an erotic thriller. This interview was a lot of fun. Watch it here:

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