Dan Brown & Jessica Garza- Hot Seat Interview- Director/Actor- Your Lucky Day

There is a bittersweet energy in the air while talking to Your Lucky Day writer/director Dan Brown and the star of his film Jessica Garza. Their new film happens to be one of the last with Euphoria star Angus Cloud but instead of letting that sadness linger, it will be a celebration. Celebrated because Cloud delivered an excellent performance, but also because Brown and Garza brought their own A-Games to the project, making something filled with drama, life, and art. It’s a tense film, about a man who discovers that he has the winning lotto ticket in a liquor store, and soon the other customers inside figure out a way to rob him, along with a plan to divide the riches. It’s a sharp, incredibly American story, about greed and desperation, merged together into a thrilling tale. I sat down with Brown and Garza at Fantastic Fest to talk about turning a short into a feature, getting the mood right, delivering intense monologues, and honoring Angus Cloud‘s beautiful work. Watch it here:

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