Lily Sullivan, Matt Vesely, & Lucy Campbell- Hot Seat Interview- Actor/Director/Writer- Monolith

2023 will be the year that everyone discovers Lily Sullivan. The Australian actress has already been a star down under but now she’s bursting onto the scenes in America with not one, but two new horror movies- Evil Dead Rise and Monolith. She will ultimately gain more attention with Evil Dead but Monolith is the movie that proves she’s an excellent actor. Director Matt Vesely and writer Lucy Campbell prove that they can do a lot with a little. In Vesely‘s first feature, he crafts a film solely surrounding audio conversations, where a podcaster digs into a mysterious artifact that is bringing a curse upon those in its possession. It was one of my favorite films at SXSW, where the craft and artistry is on full display, and Monolith proves all of that. I sat down with Sullivan, Vesely, and Campbell to chat about creating the space to act, working with audio as a major fear factor, and the difference between Evil Dead and Monolith. Watch it here:

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