Kyra Sedgwick- Hot Seat Interview- Director- Space Oddity

Kyra Sedgwick lights up a room with her smile, personality, and incredible talents. The Emmy-winning actress has a genuine passion for the arts, from Broadway theatre, to music, and acting, it all permeates from within her and her massively talented family. We all know about Kevin Bacon, her son Travis is an excellent musician, and daughter Sosie Bacon bursted on the scene with her performance in Smile. But now the spotlight is on Kyra and her excellent directing on her film Space Oddity. It’s a story about family, with a young man that wants to escape his troubles on Earth to Mars, but must learn to face his fears on solid ground first. I still can’t believe I had the chance to speak with Kyra, where we talk about the many great directors she’s worked with, the impact of being in Born on the Fourth of July, and her passion for making a romantic movie. Watch it here:

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