Alex Lehmann- Hot Seat Interview- Director- Acidman

If you take a glance at the films of director Alex Lehmann you will realize that nearly all of them involve the power of a relationship. They vary from friendships, romance, or family, but what they capture is the power that comes from human connection. Lehmann’s recent film Acidman is some of his best work yet, incredibly relevant, about a daughter reconnecting with her father, and finding out his strange belief in UFO’s. It speaks to how we can coexist with people we don’t agree with and continues to show that Lehmann is an excellent filmmaker. His films are raw, authentic, and honest, and speaking with him confirmed just how real he is. We spoke about his history of making two-handers, getting Thomas Haden Church to work with him, and finding a common bond with his co-writer. Watch it here:

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