Ramin Bahrani- Hot Seat Interview- Director- 2nd Chance

The first major director that I interviewed for AMovieGuy.com was Ramin Bahrani at Roger Ebert’s EbertFest. For a young film critic and journalist, I was way out of my league in terms of understanding the incredible talent I would be talking to. Nearly 10-years later and Bahrani is an Oscar-nominated filmmaker (The White Tiger) and arguably one of the purest directors in cinema today. His newest film- 2nd Chance is his first documentary, a surprising point because Bahrani is a natural in this genre, and has made another film that speaks volumes, both about willful ignorance for power and the world we live in today through the story of bullet proof vest inventor Richard Davis. It was once again an honor to talk with Ramin, about his inspirations of documentary film, why people live in denial, and what a person like Richard Davis says about us all. Watch it here:

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