Naomi Watts- Hot Seat Interview- Actor- The Desperate Hour

Naomi Watts never stops taking her career to new heights. The 2-time Oscar nominated actor challenges herself at every step, never afraid to take on a role that could expand her undeniable commitment to her craft. She has been held in the palm of King Kong, fought for survival in a tsunami, and has been stalked by the terror in The Ring. Watts’ newest performance in The Desperate Hour might be her most challenging yet, both physically and psychologically, playing a mother running to rescue her son from a mass shooting at his high school. The subject matter is tense and Watts handles the performance with authentic precision, reeling us in from the minute she steps into frame. I was incredibly lucky to be able to talk with Naomi briefly about her big moment with Mulholland Drive, the challenge of horror remakes, and the physical side of The Desperate Hour. Watch it now:

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