Molly Quinn & Mickey Reece- Hot Seat Interview- Actor/Director- Agnes

June 11th, 2021- Collaboration is the biggest key to movies. When the perfect team of people are brought together it’s always exciting to see what turns out. In the case of the film Agnespremiering Saturday June 12th at the Tribeca Film Festival– you have two unique artists, the actor and the director collaborating to make an intriguing new horror film. Director Mickey Reece has already created his own style of movie, subverting the story norms in horror, taking things such as vampires, or in this case exorcisms, and making it his own. The best part is that he has the incredibly talented star Molly Quinn as his lead. Quinn made a name for herself on the show Castle, but now she is moving onto new ventures, with roles in Doctor Sleep, and We’re the Millers already under her belt. In Agnes she plays a nun named Mary, confronting her faith when her friend Agnes becomes possessed by a demon. It’s scary at the start, filled with picturesque imagery, and turning into a woman’s journey to keep the evil at bay. I had the great opportunity to interview Molly & Mickey, talking about how to set the mood in Agnes, working on a different kind of horror, and Molly’s putting on her producing hat. Watch it here:

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