Sean Durkin- Hot Seat Interview- Director- The Nest

After the massive success of Martha Marcy May Marlene, it seemed that director Sean Durkin was going to have a meteoric rise in Hollywood. Instead, that rise has been at his own pace. The Canadian born and New York native has always been behind the scenes, producing films with friends, writing, and focused on life after the birth of his daughter. In between all of that, Durkin was working on the script for his newest drama- The Nest. I am happy to report that the wait has been worth it and it’s especially worth it because The Nest has two of the best acting performances in 2020 from Jude Law and Carrie Coon. This is a mature drama, about family dysfunction and the constant strive for security, whether that be financial or physical. Durkin is a natural talent, in control of the stories he wants to tell, and it shows because he is now two for two. I was able to chat with Sean about finding the right house to isolate his characters, working with horses in his movie, and directing two fantastic actors. Give it a listen here:

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