Jonathan Ignatius Green- Hot Seat Interview- Director- Dickweed

Documentary filmmaker Jonathan Ignatius Green understands that society might already have an opinion about a subject so he tries to cover all the bases. His first film Social Animals wasn’t a doc about the dangers of social media as much as it was an illumination of what social media was to society at that moment. Yes, it was both bad and good, and that is for you the audience to decide which is more true. In his newest film Dickweed, a true-crime documentary, Green digs into the ins and outs of a kidnapping that left one man without his penis, an investigator without a lot of clues, and a criminal with a deep sinister past. I was able to speak with Jonathan about Dickweed before the premier at SXSW 2024. We discussed having a collection of evidence to make a film, letting the audience hear all sides of the story, and an ending that sent chills down my spine. Watch it here:

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