Leah McKendrick- Hot Seat Interview- Writer/Director/Actor- Scrambled

To see Leah McKendrick shine this bright is a wonderful moment. I first met Leah back in 2016 at SXSW for the release of her excellent revenge film M.F.A. and now she’s taking the world by storm with her wonderful comedy Scrambled. Leah is the first person to grace the Hot Seat Interview for the 2nd time and it couldn’t be for a better film. Leah is doing it all, writer, director, and star, as Scrambled tells the story of her journey in freezing her eggs. McKendrick‘s direction and performance show her versatility, both as an artist who is unafraid to bare her soul and as someone who will show the world what this experience was like. I was so grateful to chat with Leah about her preparation to take on the director role, any fears about being vulnerable and having great supporting actors to go along with her for the ride. Watch my interview here and see Scrambled Friday, February 2nd in theaters:

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