Kristoffer Borgli- Hot Seat Interview- Writer/Director- Dream Scenario

Director Kristoffer Borgli had not one but two excellent films in 2023. The first one, Sick of Myself, received distribution at the beginning of the year. It’s a wild and dark comedy about a woman making herself sick for the attention and that was just the appetizer of where Borgli was going to take us. The Norwegian director is creating his own unique kind of storytelling through the human mind and he has Nicolas Cage visiting us in our dreams. Dream Scenario is one of the funniest movies of the year and then it becomes an incredibly introspective story. It hits on themes such as how people seek recognition, can receive too much appreciation, and how instant fame can also get you canceled. I had the chance to speak with Kristoffer about his inspirations, diving into wild dreams, and working with the legendary Nicolas Cage. It’s easily one of my favorite interviews of 2023 with an incredibly talented person. Watch it here:

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