Michael Jai White- Hot Seat Interview- Director/Actor- Outlaw Johnny Black

Michael Jai White is never going to be the man you want him to be. Action star, love interest, master of martial arts, and comedy genius. The fact of the matter is he’s all of those things and he most likely has a few other tricks up his sleeve. The action movie legend, who busted on the scenes with his performance as Spawn, has never been afraid to reinvent himself, whether he is playing a mean mob boss in The Dark Knight, or a kung-fu master in Black Dynamite. His newest film- Outlaw Johnny Black– is a true passion project. White wrote, directs, and stars as the lead, in this funny, thrilling, and incredibly cool new western. I was lucky to be able to talk to Michael about not letting anyone pin him down, turning Outlaw Johnny Black into a reality, and his great relationship with the legendary Jim Brown. Watch it all here on the Hot Seat:

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