Atom Egoyan- Hot Seat Interview- Director/Writer- Seven Veils

Atom Egoyan is a two-time Oscar nominee- for Best Director and Best Adapted Screenplay for The Sweet Hereafter– and if you look at his work, it’s clear that he is a master of great drama. His films are not rooted in a specific genre but rooted in the specifics of humans. The Canadian filmmaker has never strayed from making a movie that hits on the complexities of life, love, relationships, pain, and passion. His newest film Seven Veils (Having its TIFF World Premiere this Sunday, September 10th at the historic Princess of Wales Theatre) is a reunion with his Chloe star Amanda Seyfried. The work this time is even more fascinating than before. Seven Veils is about a theater director, picking up the reins from her late mentor, to put on her vision of Salome. What Egoyan does once again is blend the struggles of a director balancing life, while trying to make a name for herself, haunted by the past, and still unable to create in the way she intends. Atom sat down to talk with me about working with Seyfried again, how his style has influenced a director such as Sarah Polley, and seeing himself as the main character of his films. It was another wonderful conversation. Watch it here:

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