Laura Moss- Hot Seat Interview- Director/Writer- Birth/Rebirth

Writer and director Laura Moss has been thinking about Frankenstein since the moment they read it. Their new film Birth/Rebirth has been in the stages of creation for quite some time and now that it’s here, what has been made is a beautiful cinematic monster-piece. A native of New York, Moss has been ready to show the world just how great of a feature film director they are, having made multiple award-winning shorts before this, but Birth/Rebirth is crazy impressive. It’s a combination of a mad scientist and a mother’s fight to keep a loved one close. It’s horror but smarter than just slash and guts. It’s a film that keeps you wondering just how far you would go if you were in the same position. I spoke with Moss when they brought Birth/Rebirth to the Chicago Film Critics Festival. We talked about the movies that inspired them at a young age, the many different takes on Frankenstein, and choosing their two spectacular lead actors. Watch it here:

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