Franklin Ritch, Tatum Matthews, & David Girard-Hot Seat Interview- Actors/Writer/Director- The Artifice Girl

When you attend a film festival there is often that one movie that arrives out of nowhere, shocking you for how good it is. The movie at SXSW 2023 was The Artifice Girl. It was a complete unknown to me but discovering it was a great delight. It comes from the brilliant mind of writer/director/actor Franklin Ritch, in a story about an AI being used to capture online predators, but becoming more when the AI starts to have feelings? The actor portraying the title character is Tatum Matthews a guaranteed rising star, who goes toe-to-toe with her co-stars Rich, David Girard, Lance Henriksen, and Sinda Nichols. It’s a compact film with sharp dialogue and a collection of performances that are up to the task- especially Girard. I was so delighted to speak with The Artifice Girl Team- Franklin, Tatum, and David at SXSW about making a movie in a tight space, playing a robot, and changing the way you feel about artificial intelligence. Watch it here:

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