Kim Coates & Tom Schulman- Hot Seat Interview- Actor- Director- Double Down South

Writer & director Tom Schulman, won the Oscar for Dead Poets Society, which wasn’t a ticket to making any movie he was offered. In fact, it was an honor he wears with pride, and making his next movie would have to mean something. That lead him to Double Down South, a story inspired by his childhood, and revealed a world of keno billiards. Canadian actor Kim Coates, he is a journeyman, with over 150 acting credits to his name. You may know him from Sons of Anarchy, The Client, or Black Hawk Down, but you know him because he’s always memorable. His performance in Double Down South is ruthless and one of his best. I had the privilege to speak with Tom and Kim about Double Down South, creating a family on set, and showing the world how cool keno billiards is. You can catch Double Down South this Saturday December 3rd at the premiere for the 2022 Dances with Films NY Festival. Watch the interview here:

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