Mark Pellington- Hot Seat Interview- Director- Going All the Way

Mark Pellington has a director’s style that reminds me of a great guitar player. He’s incredibly skilled at the craft but he’s always practicing. He works on the chords, the speed, and the way he plays the instrument, never allows his ability to go stale. It’s a perfect metaphor, because Pellington began his career making music videos, a format he’s never stopped perfecting, but his movies often show an artist with impeccable craftsmanship. That ability to work and retool is what this new release of his 1997 film Going All the Way is about, in a fresh Director’s Edit version, and given a revival for audiences to discover. I talked with the Baltimore, Maryland native about what inspired him to give it a new look, his controversial music video for Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy”, working with Ben Affleck at a young age, and what he learned since making the film in 1997. Watch my the extensive conversation here:

Note: Going All the Way: The Director’s Edit is now playing in Los Angeles theaters, expanding to NY on Dec. 16 at the Quad Cinema with rollout to follow. For playdates and tickets, please visit:

Be there for the next special screening of Going All the Way at the Laemmle Royal with Nick Offerman and Mark Pellington in attendance on November 17th.

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