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The films of Shana Feste are from an artist that leaves an impact.  Her voice is powerful, no matter what story she tells, from a forbidden romance (Endless Love), a music stars rise and fall (Country Strong), or a road trip with an estranged father (Boundaries). Her newest movie- Run Sweetheart Run– is her fiercest production yet, taking a step into the horror genre and bringing the audience with on one wild night, where a woman is constantly being chased by an evil man. For producer Effie Brown, she’s been elevating voices since 1998, undoubtedly one of the best producers in the business of filmmaking, a two-time Spirit Award winner, and never slowing down. The pairing of these two is a perfect match and I was lucky enough to get to talk about Run Sweetheart Run, ask Shana about the chance to make a horror movie, and how the director and producer worked so well together. Watch it here:

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