Jena Malone- Hot Seat Interview- Actor- Lorelei

Jena Malone has been acting since the age of 10, so there’s a big chance you have seen her outstanding work. She made us cry in Stepmom, portrayed a cool look of teenage angst in Donnie Darko, played the lovestruck Lydia Bennet in Pride & Prejudice, bursted on the scene in The Hunger Games as Johanna Mason, and scared us fiercely in The Neon Demon. She’s an absolute legend in my eyes, an actor that has worked with greats such as Jodie Foster, Anjelica Huston, Paul Thomas Anderson, and Tom Ford, and continues to impress in everything she does. Her newest film Lorelei hits close to home, telling the story about a man that is released from prison (played by Pablo Schreiber) and reconnects with his ex-girlfriend and her three kids. Malone is a powerhouse, playing the role with honesty, and fearless energy, and I was lucky enough to get the chance to talk to her about it. Watch my Hot Seat Interview with Jena Malone here:

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