Anna Camp & Bonnie Discepolo- Hot Seat Interview- Director- Actor- Neo-Dome

Contrary to what a viewer might think, television shows or movies don’t just appear out of nowhere. There is often a proof of concept and when you are as smart as director Bonnie Discepolo and Pitch Perfect star Anna Camp, you put together a cool short film to get everyone excited. That is exactly what happened with their new short film Neo-Dome. It involves a woman (played by Camp) being picked up in the desert on a long stretch of road by three men in a car. Seems like people being kind at first but we quickly see that you can’t trust anyone on the trip to Neo-Dome. The final result is a mix of Mad Max meets The Wizard of Oz and if that doesn’t get you jazzed up, just wait till you see how cool Anna Camp is in this. I was so lucky to get a chance to speak with Anna and Bonnie at SXSW about Anna’s sisterhood with her Pitch Perfect castmates, putting this idea together, making a film thrilling in a short window, and what will be inside the Neo-Dome. Watch my interview here:

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