Phillip Noyce- Hot Seat Interview- Director- Fast Charlie

The world needs more people like Phillip Noyce. The 73-year-old Australian director is highly respected in his field, with his longevity, and ability to make any kind of movie, he has become a rare gift for cinema today. Noyce began on the underground scene, working with shoestring budgets, then moved on to movies that inspired him like Rabbit-Proof Fence, before successfully hitting Hollywood with blockbusters like Patriot Games, The Bone Collector, and Salt. Noyce’s newest film Fast Charlie (starring Pierce Brosnan) is a throwback to his roots, an independent film, about a hitman at the end of his career, trying to get out when a job goes awry. I spoke with Phillip about being inspired by the term “underground cinema”, working with great actors, and directing James Caan in his last performance. Watch it here:

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