Dermot Mulroney- Hot Seat Interview- Actor- Ruthless

2023 has been an excellent year for Dermot Mulroney, which includes hits such as Scream VI, Shooting Stars, Secret Invasion, Anyone But You, and his newest action film Ruthless. That is on top of what has already been an illustrious career, filled with classics such as David Fincher’s Zodiac, Alexander Payne’s About Schmidt, and of course, the movie that made him a household name- My Best Friend’s Wedding. Ruthless is finally a chance for Mulroney to take a stab at being an action star that kicks butt and it suits him well. I was incredibly lucky to be able to talk with Dermot about various things, including his cello playing, the long list of great directors he’s worked with, breaking arms in Ruthless, and the potential for a sequel to My Best Friend’s Wedding. Watch it here:

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