Jennifer Reeder- Hot Seat Interview- Director/Writer- Perpetrator

The career of Jennifer Reeder is as sharp as a razor blade. The director has sliced through the difficult conflicts and hurdles that a woman can face to make a movie in their vision. That’s not to say it’s easy but what is clear is that the Cincinnati native isn’t afraid of any challenge. With her early hits Knives and Skin and Signature Move, Reeder established herself in the Chicago independent film scene but has also become a leader of the community. She’s currently a film professor at the University of Illinois Chicago and her work reveals her brilliant knowledge of the medium. Her best work yet is her most recent film Perpetrator, which is a moody and dark feminist horror film, about a young woman realizing her true powers through the guidance of her aunt Hildie (played delightfully by Alicia Silverstone). I was able to chat with Jennifer about bringing Silverstone on, the approach she takes on set and making a movie with her vision. Watch it here:

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