William Kaufman- Hot Seat Interview- Director/Writer- The Channel

If you looked at Director William Kaufman‘s resume you might say, this guy makes only action movies, and most of his stuff has gone straight to VOD. Don’t let that be your judge of his skills or just how good of a director he is. Kaufman writes his own stuff and has a genuine passion for making great action films. His recent work- The Channel is his best work yet. It’s a tight heist drama, involving two brothers in New Orleans’ Irish Channel, with authentic action from start to finish. A bank is robbed, bullets fly, and a manhunt begins. It’s clear proof that William Kaufman is the real deal and on top of that a guy that knows his stuff. I was able to interview William for my Podcast Scene Stealers along with my co-host Charles Gainey. Take a look as we discuss making the action work on a budget, our love of Michael Mann’s Heat, and working with his two stars Clayne Crawford & Max Martini. Watch it here:

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