Danny & Michael Philippou- Hot Seat Interview- Directors- Talk to Me

Danny & Michael Philippou have an energy that is infectious. The twin brothers from South Australia have a youthful approach to life and that fun, throw-caution-to-the-wind style instantly shows in their first feature film- Talk to Me. The film was a massive hit out of Sundance, was scooped up by A24, and the buzz has not slowed down. It’s a terrifying mix of possession and family trauma. It’s a blend of themes that comment on the Tik Tok generation, teenagers that have to face their own personal demons and the haunting reality of trauma. And it could not have been made by two more delightful people. Danny & Michael had their start with YouTube videos, backyard wrestling, and viral shorts, but now they have made one of the best horror movies of 2023. I had the chance to talk with Danny & Michael, about getting their start, the Australian horror community, and making the set feel like a genuine family party. Watch it here:

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