Ric Roman Waugh- Hot Seat Interview- Director- Kandahar

Director Ric Roman Waugh is doing the hard work. Those of us that have a great appreciation for classic action movies will want to know that Waugh hears your plea for more movies like the glory days of the 80s & 90s action. Waugh has been in the industry for quite some time, starting as a stuntman in movies such as Road House, Lethal Weapon 2, Total Recall, and many more. His mentor was the legendary Tony Scott and everything he has learned from him is now going into his work. His newest film, Kandahar is an excellent throwback with Gerard Butler, involving a rogue CIA agent, a mission that has gone wrong, and the fight for survival. I caught up with Ric and got to ask him about using new technology for his action, his relationship with Butler, and what he has in store for the new version of Cliffhanger. Watch it here:

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