Davis Guggenheim- Hot Seat Interview- Director- Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie

Oscar-winning director Davis Guggenheim would be the first person to tell you that he makes movies about things that matter to him. His documentary subjects are important matters in the world, from climate change (An Inconvenient Truth) to the life of Malala Yousafzai (He Named Me Malala), and he makes these films because he genuinely cares. His recent work- Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie is about the legendary actor and his battle with Parkinson’s disease. Guggenheim does it in an up-close and personal fashion, using Fox’s words, reenactments of moments in his life, and piecing it together through his movies. It’s an emotional, joyous, and beautiful piece. It could lead to another Oscar for Davis and in this interview, we discuss what inspired him to make the film, Fox’s equally courageous wife Tracy, and dealing with the emotions of feeling powerless. Watch it here:

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